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Submitted by on April 25, 2011 – 8:56 am

We find the most interesting JBL Vintage Speakers. Here is the best deal we found for the VINTAGE JBL L44 LANCER 44 SPEAKERS for sale on the Internet.

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VINTAGE JBL L44 LANCER 44 SPEAKERS Picture and Description:

 267171605783317100 VINTAGE JBL L44 LANCER 44 SPEAKERS

THE SHIPPING CALCULATOR COST IS FOR ONE SPEAKER ONLY! DOUBLE THE NUMBER FOR BOTH SPEAKERS! PLEASE WAIT FOR MY INVOICE BEFORE PAYING! This auction is for one pair of vintage JBL L44 Lancer Speakers. Please refer to the detailed descriptions below. I have a total of 57 photos of these speakers available. The additional photos include close-ups of the condition issues noted in the descriptions below. Please contact me if there are any questions. Included Items One Pair of JBL L44 Lancer Speakers o Serial Numbers 20541 and 20603 Additional Photos Please utilize the following Photobucket link for all 57 photos of these speakers: http://s960.photobucket.com/albums/ae87/FredVMI/JBL%20L44/ Description Detailed descriptions and specs from JBL literature are provided via images at the Photobucket link. Physical Condition Summary These speakers are in good physical condition with wear that is consistent with their age. The speaker enclosures are in un-restored condition. I have provided detailed descriptions below to compliment the auction photos. The condition descriptions I provide are always conservative and usually too critical. In general, buyers often feel that my items are in better condition than expected! Please note that I use flash photography for photos of the noted condition issues in order to ensure the issues are visible. However, the issues appear much worse (and brighter) in the photos than actual condition due to the camera flash! Enclosures With one exception, the enclosures are structurally sound with no gaps or splits. The exception is that there is a gap/split in the bottom right horizontal edge near the bottom right rear corner. Please refer to the photos for a detailed image of the gap/split. This same corner is generally in poor overall condition. There are small chips and nicks/marks on some of the horizontal and vertical edges of both enclosures. The top corners are generally in very good condition with a few small nicks/marks. There are small chips on some of the bottom corners. There are scratches and nicks/marks of varying types and sizes on the enclosure sides and tops; more so on the tops than on the sides. There is a water ring area on the top of one enclosure. The rear baffles of both enclosures are in very good condition with a few scratches and nicks/marks. The four speaker grille metal clips are present. The bottom clip on each enclosure is bent with a small piece broken off of each tip. However, the grilles attach to each enclosure with a snug fit. Overall, the enclosures are in good condition, even with the minor issues noted! Speaker Grilles The original speaker grilles are in very good condition. One of the grilles has an area where it appears something was splashed or spilled on the fabric. Perhaps a hand-held carpet cleaner will remove the stain? The grilles attach to the enclosures correctly. The original JBL emblems are included, and they attach to the grilles properly. Components There is no physical damage to any of the speaker system components (Full Range Driver and Passive Radiator). Specifically, there are no punctures, gouges or other similar damage to any of the components. There is no voice coil rubbing on any of the drivers. There are no ‘finger pokes’ in any of the dust caps. The input terminals on the rear of the enclosures are free of damage. Functional Condition Both speakers are in fully functional condition. Both speakers sound crisp and powerful while playing a variety of music types. No distortion or ‘noise’ was apparent from either speaker. The Input Terminals function properly. In short, these speakers sound great! Warranty: As is, no warranty. These items are being sold as is, with no warranty, either expressed or implied. Notice: Please resolve all questions before bidding on this auction. If you do not intend to purchase the item described above, please do not bid. I reserve the right to cancel bids from bidders with excessive negative feedback. Shipping: Shipping is additional and will be paid by the buyer. I ship to the U.S., only. Insurance is included on this shipment. Note: The eBay shipping calculator is for one speaker, only. The calculated shipping cost needs to be doubled to obtain the correct cost. I do not have the original speaker boxes; however, I will have the speakers professionally packed in separate boxes with sheet foam to ensure safe delivery. The shipping costs include the packing costs. I do support local pickup for this auction in order to save the shipping costs. There is no charge for local pickup. Payment: I accept payment by PayPal for confirmed addresses, only. Please contact me for other payment methods. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you for viewing my auction. Good luck!

 267171605783317101 VINTAGE JBL L44 LANCER 44 SPEAKERS
 267171605783317102 VINTAGE JBL L44 LANCER 44 SPEAKERS
 267171605783317103 VINTAGE JBL L44 LANCER 44 SPEAKERS