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We find the most interesting JBL Vintage Speakers. Here is the best deal we found for the VINTAGE JBL L100 L-100 CENTURY SPEAKERS for sale on the Internet.

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VINTAGE JBL L100 L-100 CENTURY SPEAKERS Picture and Description:

 132801604760711220 VINTAGE JBL L100 L 100 CENTURY SPEAKERS

0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false http://s960.photobucket.com/albums/ae87/FredVMI/JBL L100/ Physical Condition Summary These speakers are generally in very good to excellent physical condition with wear that is better than would be expected for their age. The speaker enclosures are in un-restored condition. All drivers function properly and sound nice. I have provided detailed descriptions below to compliment the auction photos. Enclosures The enclosures are structurally sound with no gaps or splits. The corners and edges of both enclosures are in very good condition. The left rear vertical edge of one enclosure is chipped. The bottom left rear corners are chipped on both enclosures. There are multiple marks of varying types and sizes on the sides and tops of each enclosure; most of which are small and not very noticeable. As with most vintage speakers, the majority of the scratches and other marks are on the top of each enclosure. Some of the scratches on the tops are deeper than others. There is one more obvious gouge on the top of one enclosure near the front edge. There is also some minor cracking of the black laminate on the front baffle board on one enclosure near the bottom right corner. Grilles The rear faces of the original walnut grille frames are in excellent condition. The front face and sides of the grilles are not visible because the frames have been covered with grille fabric. The fabric replaces the original foam grille inserts, which deteriorated long ago. Regarding the replacement grille material, the amount of work that was performed and the level of detail in the work is the best that I’ve seen outside a factory environment. In my opinion, the workmanship is excellent. I personally would not replace the grille fabric, unless there is the desire to restore the grilles with foam inserts. The only blemish on the grille fabric is one scuffed bottom corner that exposes the grille frame. There is also one drip line on the fabric on the inside of one of the grilles. Except for the two issues noted, the grilles are in excellent condition. All eight speaker grille dowel pins (pegs) are included. There are no split or damaged pins. The grilles mount to the enclosures correctly. Components There is no physical damage to any of the speaker system components (Low Frequency Loudspeaker, Midrange Transducer and High Frequency Direct Radiator). Specifically, there are no punctures, gouges or other similar damage to any of the components. The only component condition issue of note is that the dust caps on both High Frequency Direct Radiators have small ‘finger pokes’. The dust caps are not punctured and the issue would not affect speaker performance. There is a very small coloration / marking on the light-colored material (the cone) of the Low Frequency Loudspeaker component on one speaker, but, this would certainly not be a functional issue. The grey foam absorption rings for the High Frequency Direct Radiators deteriorated long ago; however, new (not used) replacement rings have been freshly installed (zero hours on them). The Dividing Networks are free of damage, as are the Input Terminals on the rear of the enclosures. Functional Condition Both speakers are in fully functional condition. Both speakers sound crisp and powerful while playing a variety of music types. No distortion or ‘noise’ was apparent from either speaker. The level controls on both speakers function properly. The push-button Input Terminals function properly. In short, these speakers sound great! Description Like the 4310 in the professional marketplace, the L100 enjoyed tremendous success in the consumer market. It is acoustically identical to the 4310, yet with a distinct, highly prized appearance that meshed well with even the most fashionable décor. Today the popularity of the L100 has actually increased and sonically they're still hard to beat. They provide a wide and flat response with ideal sound projection for the average sized room. As previously mentioned, a lot of popular recordings were mixed with the sonically identical 4310 monitors, an important point because many speakers – including the high dollar speakers of today – add color or accentuate a particular frequency range that doesn’t reflect the true intent of the recording. With the L100's you will hear exactly what the sound engineers, musicians, and producers heard in the recording studio and you will hear it precisely the way it was intended to be heard. The L100’s reproduce music with stunning accuracy; voice and instrument are utterly natural. The bass is tight, clean, and thoroughly musical. The highs are smooth and sweet with extreme clarity divulging even tiny details at low volumes; music sounds balanced and articulate. Distortion levels are extremely low. Frequency response is incredibly smooth and effortless throughout the entire audio spectrum. As the listener, you have the ability to adjust brilliance and presences according to personal preference, room acoustics or program material. Today the L100’s are viewed as one of the greatest values in the used marketplace. They contained the vintage era JBL quality and easily outperform some high dollar systems of today. Some of the many features and functions are described in detail below. Low Frequency Bass material is reproduced by a powerful, long excursion 300-mm (12-in) loudspeaker having a 75-mm (3-in) diameter edge-wound copper ribbon voice coil operating in a magnetic field of 1 T. The magnetic assembly, energized by an Alnico V magnet, weighs 3 kg (6.5 Ib); free air resonance is 22 Hz. The surface of the cone is coated with an exclusive damping formulation that provides mass and density to optimize bass performance, prevent spurious resonance and provide smooth performance extending into the midrange region. Midrange Transition to the midrange unit is made at a crossover frequency of 1.5 kHz. The 130-mm (5-in) transducer provides clarity and freedom from distortion, even at the high loudness levels encountered in professional applications. The transducer is energized by an Alnico V magnet housed in a closed assembly having a total weight of 1.25 kg (2.75 Ib) and creating a magnetic field of 1.65 T. The 22-mm (0.875-in) diameter copper voice coil drives a 100-mm (4-in), edge-damped cone that operates as a true piston, providing smooth frequency response and wide dispersion throughout its operating range. High Frequency Reproduction above 6 kHz is accomplished by a 36-mm (1.4-in) direct radiator. Its 0.7-kg (1.6-lb) magnetic assembly and 16-mm (0.625-in) diameter copper voice coil drive a cone and center dome with controlled linearity assured by an Impregnated cloth termination. The voice coil, suspended in a magnetic field of 1.5 T, is unusually large in relation to cone size for high efficiency and exceptional transient response. The small cone diameter is responsible for wide, uniform dispersion of high frequency energy; a ring of dense foam surrounds the moving assembly to damp unwanted radiation and reflections. Dividing Network The frequency-dividing network installed in the L100 has been designed and tested to achieve the smoothest possible transitions between component loudspeakers. All network components are of the highest quality. Capacitors are non-inductive, non-polarized types with high AC current capacity built expressly for use in dividing networks and individually tested for conformity to rigid performance standards. Enclosure The L100 enclosure, embodying the principles of fine furniture design and construction that have made JBL a leader in the industry, complements the acoustic characteristics of the loudspeaker system. It utilizes a ducted port extending through the baffle panel to provide proper loading for the low frequency loudspeaker and optimize power-handling capacity. The enclosure panels are constructed of dense compressed wood. This material, also known as particleboard, is preferred to solid wood for its acoustic properties. The grille trim and finish veneer on the four side panels are solid American Black Walnut. All walnut surfaces are hand rubbed to a rich lustrous finish enhancing the natural beauty of individual grain structure and color. Detail work is obvious: materials are carefully selected and skillfully prepared; joints are expertly closed; scratches, dents, glue lines and other defects are nonexistent. Acoustic damping material is applied to the interior surfaces of side and back panels to attenuate standing waves within the enclosure. To achieve maximum strength and resistance to vibration, all panels are constructed of 3/4- or 1-inch stock; and all corner joints are hand fitted, lock mitered, and wood welded. Presence & Brilliance Controls The frequency-dividing network of the L100 is provided with front panel controls to allow separate regulation of output in the 1.5 kHz to 6 kHz "presence" range and the "brilliance" region above 6 kHz. The controls are continuously variable from maximum to full off, with the flattest response (measured in an anechoic environment) achieved at the midpoints of their travel. With suitable settings of the two controls, the frequency response contour of the L100 can be altered to compensate for almost any acoustical environment, or to achieve the tonal balance desired. Control scales are clearly marked from -3 to +3, with "0"as their midpoints, so that special settings can be logged and easily reset when needed. Specifications Power Capacity* 50 Watts continuous program Nominal Impedance 8 ohms Crossover Frequency 1500 & 6000 Hz Efficiency 1 Watt input produces 78dB Sound Pressure Level at a distance of 15' Low Frequency Loudspeaker Nominal Diameter 12 inches (30 cm) Voice Coil 3-inch (7.6 cm) edge-wound copper ribbon Magnetic Assembly Weight 6.75 pounds (3.1 kg) Flux Density 10,400 gauss Sensitivity** 42dB Midrange Transducer Nominal Diameter 5 inches (13cm) Voice Coil 7/8-inch (2.2cm) copper Magnetic Assembly Weight 2.75 pounds (1.2kg.) Flux Density 16,500 gauss EIA Sensitivity 46 dB High Frequency Direct Radiator Nominal Diameter 1.4 inches (3.6cm) Voice Coil 5/8-inch (1.6cm) Copper Magnetic Assembly Weight 1.6 pounds (0.7 kg) Flux Density 15,000 gauss Sensitivity*** 47dB Finish Oiled Walnut Dimensions 14-1/4" Wide 23-1/2" Tall 13-5/8" Deep Shipping Weight 55 lbs (25 kg) *Based on laboratory test signal. The peak power handling is considerably greater than the continuous rated value reflected above. The L100 is a fairly efficient speaker and is capable of producing clean clear sound at comfortable listening levels with an amp having as output as little as 10 watts RMS per channel. However, for reproduction of the full dynamic range of contemporary recordings at high volumes, a quality amp or receiver delivering up to 150 watts RMS per channel will provide optimum performance. **Since the major portion of the energy reproduced by the low frequency loudspeaker lies below 800Hz, this specification has been developed by using a test signal warbled from 100-500Hz, rather than the conventional 1-kHz sine wave test signal on which EIA sensitivity rating is bases. ***Averaged above 2 kHz. Warranty: As is, no warranty. These items are being sold as is, with no warranty, either expressed or implied. Notice: Please resolve all questions before bidding on this auction. If you do not intend to purchase the item described above, please do not bid. I reserve the right to cancel bids from bidders with excessive negative feedback. Shipping: Shipping is additional and will be paid by the buyer. I ship to the U.S., only. Insurance up to $100 is included on this shipment. Please contact me for insurance pricing for shipment value above $100. Local pickup is available for this auction. Note: The eBay shipping calculator is for one speaker, only. The calculated shipping cost needs to be doubled to obtain the correct cost. Also, because I do not have the original speaker boxes, I will have the speakers professionally packed in separate boxes to ensure safe delivery. As such, a $25 packing fee will be added for all shipments. I do support local pickup for this auction in order to save the shipping costs. The $25 packing fee will not be required for local pickup. The auction must be paid for prior to local pickup. Payment: I accept payment by PayPal for confirmed addresses, only. Please contact me for other payment methods. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you for viewing my auction. Good luck!

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