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JBL L65 Jubal Speakers (Pair) Original Owner

Submitted by on January 16, 2011 – 12:56 pm

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JBL L65 Jubal Speakers (Pair) Original Owner Picture and Description:

 209232607198073070 JBL L65 Jubal Speakers (Pair) Original Owner

Pair of Vintage JBL L65 Jubal Speakers in great condition. Original owner of this pair of speakers. Well taken care of but there are a couple nicks in the wood cabinet as you will see in the pictures. A little putty and the right stain and they would be perfect. Cones/surrounds replaced in 2006 as the original foam deteriorated. Prefer local pick up as shipping carriers are lousy at best. However I will ship to US only. Shipping cost (including insurance) estimated at about $130 - $160 for the three boxes, (grills and glass in separate box). I will adjust shipping cost to actual cost when invoiced. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico will be additional, calculated at time of shipment. Will have special packaging made at time of shipment. Ship date would be 3 to 4 business days after close of auction due to packaging prep. Specifications: Power Capacity1 75 Watts continuous program Nominal Impedance 8 ohms Crossover Frequencies 1000 and 6500 Hz Effficiency: 1 Watt input produces 78 dB Sound Pressure Level at a distance of 15' (Note: 75-80 dB is a comfortable listening level.) Low Frequency Loudspeaker: Nominal Diameter 12 inches 30 cm Voice Coil 3-inch (7.6 cm) edgewound copper ribbon Magnetic Assembly Weight 6 3/4 pounds 3.1 kg Flux Density 10,400 gauss Sensitivity2 42 dB Midrange Transducer: Nominal Diameter 5 inches 13cm Voice Coil 7/8-inch (2.2 cm) edgewound copper ribbon Magnetic Assembly Weight 1 5/8 pounds 0.7 kg Flux Density 15,000 gauss Sensitivity3 46 dB Ultra-High Frequency Transducer: Horn Mouth 3.125 x 0.725 inches 7.9x1.8 cm Dispersion 130° horizontal x 40° vertical at 15 kHz 110° horizontal x 40° vertical at 20 kHz Voice Coil 1.75-inch (4.4 cm) edgewound aluminum ribbon Magnetic Assembly Weight 3 1/4 pounds 1.5 kg Flux Density 16,500 gauss Sensitivity 56 dB Finish Oiled Walnut Grille Three-dimensional stretch fabric Grille Color Options Midnight Blue, Earth Brown or Rust Red Top Surface 3/4-inch thick light gray tinted glass with ground edges; black polyester foam cushioning Dimensions 24 1/2" x 17 1/2" x 13 1/8" deep 61x44x33 cm deep Shipping Weight 67lbs 30 kg 1. Based on a laboratory test signal. See Power Capacity section for amplifier power recommendation. 2. Since the major portion of the energy reproduced by the low frequency loudspeaker lies below 800 Hz, this specification has been developed using a test signal warbled from 100 to 500 Hz, rather than the I-kHz sine wave test signal on which the conventional EIA Sensitivity rating is based. 3. Averaged from 1 to 3 kHz. 4. Warbled from 7 to 20 kHz. On Jan-10-11 at 17:46:32 PST, seller added the following information: I forgot to mention that the thin layer of foam under the glass was deteriorating so I replaced it with thin black felt. Can't tell unless you lift the glass .

 209232607198073071 JBL L65 Jubal Speakers (Pair) Original Owner
 209232607198073072 JBL L65 Jubal Speakers (Pair) Original Owner
 209232607198073073 JBL L65 Jubal Speakers (Pair) Original Owner