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JBL L300 ” SUMMIT ” Loudspeakers

Submitted by on March 8, 2010 – 6:34 am

We find the most interesting JBL Vintage Speakers. Here is the best deal we found for the JBL L300 ” SUMMIT ” Loudspeakers for sale on the Internet.

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JBL L300 ” SUMMIT ” Loudspeakers Picture and Description:

 65182505912464730 JBL L300  SUMMIT  Loudspeakers

JBL L 300 LOUDSPEAKERS For Your Consideration: An Absolutely Stunning pair of JBL L-300 "SUMMIT" LOUDSPEAKERS !!! L-300s come along here every so often - but few so nice as`this set! Peruse the pictures and let them tell the story - From Bottom to Top, these are in outstanding - well preserved condition! - No scuffs - no scrapes - nor wood rot or delamination! These speakers have spent their 30+ years in a climate and humidity controlled surrounding, void of pets, smoke, and children. The 136A Woofers were professionally reconed about 8 yrs ago - only as a corrective course for deteriorating foam surrounds. They are in fine shape now! All the drivers are functioning as they should, - all the factory red wax seals are intact, and the drivers show no visible oxidation! Just perfection! It's no stretch to hear "why" so many are enamored with the L300. I have had the pleasure of playing a wide selection of source materail through these over the past few months. They best my TANNOY's in many respects - especially in terms of dynamic realism and frequency extension. As typical with me, these have been flanked with a KRELL KSA 250, as well as my benchmark Wavelength Cardinal Western Electric 300B amps. Goosebump territory is easily attained with these when listening to an old George Jones record in the dark! They are equally impressive on large scale symphonic works, to Vintage Billy Holiday and Chet Baker... Oh, and did I mention they have bass slam and character like none other??? A brief note on "disassembling" loudspeakers for pictorial purposes. Philosophically I'm opposed to this - However I understand the prospective buyer wanting to ascertain the value of what He is purchasing. I did opt to very carefully remove the drivers for pictorial purposes. I am adept at handling said with the utmost of care (never will I set a speaker on the cement!). I have also replaced two loose "T" nuts while apart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --> SHIPPING: Being as large and delicate as these are, crating will be essential - (unless retrieving locally). Plan on a crated weight of 200 lbs each. I am a skilled crate maker, and utilize braced OSB/Plywood and styrofoam lining in all of my construction, and package rare treasures with loving care. I will charge $100 for time and materials for each crate (so X2). This is above and beyond the shipping charges. DOMESTIC: I am able to extend my deeply discounted truck shipping rates. Plan on about $325 shipping to a business receiving station (with dock or forklift) EXPORT: I ship via DB Schenker (formerly BAX) to most locations. I guesstimate freight will be between $450 and $700 - depending on location - which is always cheaper to an airport terminal than door to door. A word concerning insurance. DB SCHENKER will only insure speakers to $500 each. You will need to provide a release of insurance waiver to me before I will ship, stating You understand and accept the insurance limits they provide. Due to time constraints, I will only be able to quote the winning bidder on a concise shipping charge. I apologize in advance if this seems harsh, but I simply don't have the time. It is my goal to "break even" on freight charges. Any claims regarding freight damage, loss, or mishandling will be between buyer and the freight company (In other words, we do our level best to ensure proper packaging and safe transit, but if the truck company botches something - THEY are responsible to work out compensation with you. This rarely happens, but wanted to clear that up on the front end). PAYMENT: is due in-full within 5 days! ALSO - WE CANT TAKE PAYPAL FOR THIS AUCTION (as it's a partial consignment and the other party wants bankwire) WARRANTY: This item is working and guaranteed to be as described. No warranty will ever be given as a result of mishandling, burnt coils, punctured cones, or "parts swapping" You are welcome to drop by my place and verify functionality. On that subject: Local Pickup is both encouraged and welcomed and the packing fees can be avoided. QUESTIONS: ? I am available to answer sincere questions from sincere parties (just please no dreamers and "lookie - Lou's" - I dont have the time). My private email is speakernut@yahoo.com and my tel # is 801-604-5136 - I try to answer it between 9 am and 7 pm MST. NO RESERVE ! - NO GAMES ! ...Just honest value - YOU set the price on these CLASSIC JBL Speakers !!! Winning bidder MUST contact us within 72 hours aknowledging intent, and payment is due IN-FULL within 5 days - no exceptions or excuses! Check Us Out For OTHER ESOTERIC AUDIO EQUIPMENT - !!! Good Luck and Happy Bidding! This template took a bit of time to develop, due to the tedious table coding involved, and the selection of just the right color combo. Because of the effort, I will retain the copyright to this template and ask that you maintain the credit link at the bottom. This template may not be repackaged or resold, but sellers may freely use it in their listings. FinialBlack Design copyright Shipscript © 2006

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