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Infinity Kappa 9 Speakers –Near Perfect

Submitted by on March 8, 2010 – 4:19 am

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Infinity Kappa 9 Speakers –Near Perfect Picture and Description:

 64983304116901520 Infinity Kappa 9 Speakers   Near Perfect

21gene21 Store Well folks.....here they are....the lengendary Infinity Kappa 9 speakers. With all the great sounding speakers that Infinity Corp. made though-out the years, few will disagree that their real sound breakthroughs came in the 1975-1985 era, where the use of huge air displacement technology gave us heart stopping bass. Whats really nice about this particular pair is the following. Anyone who is at all familiar with Infinity speakers of this size, also knows that they were prone to blowing fuses because their impedance was so low. For instance, out of the box, if you were to put an ohm meter right across the terminals of these kappa 9 speakers, they would measure 1 ohm...thats right, just 1 ohm. of course that is almost a direct short. Don't get me wrong, they worked great, and sounded even greater. But over the years as the impedance dropped, even a little bit, problems would begin. So in 1995 a former Infinity Corp. engineer developed a 'fix" for these speakers, and I installed it myself about a year ago. The cost to me was about $375.00 per speaker, but absolutely worth it! Basically, the factory crossover is removed and replaced with a very high quality power distibution board. The results are absolutely amazing. Same cabinet, same speakers, but a tremendous, accurate, mind blowing flow of wonderful evenly powered sound to the speakers. These kappa 9's have 2- 12" woofers, 2 award winning ribbon emit style tweeters, 1 Poly K-style midrange, and 1 Poly emit style midrange, both about 5" in diameter. Additoinally their are 2 speakers in the rear of the cabinet, 1 Emit k tweeter, and 1 Poly K midrange. These give the impression of full surround sound, even if the speakers are right up against the wall. Again, a total of 8 speakers per cabinet. The grills are in good shape also. The only drawback can be seen in the last picture......a little bit of defect in the wood fluting on the bottom side of one of the cabinets. Friends, I paid $1365.00 for these wonderful speakers. I tell you because frankly, I don't care what I get in return. Of course I care a little....but at this point in my life, money it is not a priority. Its all about family and friends, and health. OK, I know you didn't look these up to be preached at......but please be reassured.....these LOOK and SOUND unbelievably FANTASTIC! Shipping will be high on these, as the speakers weigh almost 100 lbs. each. When I bought these I got them in from California to Connecticu, and the shipping was around $350.00. So, if you are not prepared to pay between $185.00 to $385.00 for shipping and handling.....please, please do not bid, and then crank to me about the shipping costs. I am telling right now, ahead of time that shipping will be high. Please email me with any questions, or I can be reached on my cell phone at 1-860-608-8502. Thanks again for looking, and good luck!!! Gene

 64983304116901521 Infinity Kappa 9 Speakers   Near Perfect
 64983304116901522 Infinity Kappa 9 Speakers   Near Perfect
 64983304116901523 Infinity Kappa 9 Speakers   Near Perfect