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8 Vintage 1960s JBL METAL SPEAKER LEGS Lansing/C36/C38

Submitted by on July 7, 2010 – 8:56 pm

We find the most interesting JBL Vintage Speakers. Here is the best deal we found for the 8 Vintage 1960s JBL METAL SPEAKER LEGS Lansing/C36/C38 for sale on the Internet.

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8 Vintage 1960s JBL METAL SPEAKER LEGS Lansing/C36/C38 Picture and Description:

 103232805293397150 8 Vintage 1960s JBL METAL SPEAKER LEGS Lansing/C36/C38

~ EIGHT VINTAGE JBL METAL SPEAKER LEGS ~ Vintage James B. Lansing speaker legs. This auction is for 8 legs (complete for 2 speakers). These JBL speaker legs were on a pair of C36 enclosures. I spent a brief time cleaning them and now they really look great. These are original from the 1960s and were used on models Harkness, Rhodes, Viscount, and Baron enclosures numbers C36, C37, C38, C39, C40 and a couple others. It looks like JBL stopped using these legs in 1970. So yeah, they are metal, indeed sexy, and original. These are often referred to as the Herman Miller or Eames legs, but were actually made by JBL. FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.A. Thanks for looking, questions will be answered. Thanks for your interest and please feel free to ask any questions. If you like this item, please take a second to click the "Watch this item" button so you can keep track of it. I am located in Chicago, Illinois and ship all over the world. If you have any specific questions about shipping, please ask me. WARNING! Possibly Boring Business Stuff Below. Vintage items may show minimal signs of wear, ie. slight fading, maybe some cracking in the print (you know, all that good stuff). Anything notable will be noted. All the actual measurements are given...these should be consulted for best fit. I take as many pictures as I find necessary to accurately convey through them the actual condition and color and style, etc. of the item for auction or I take TOO MANY pictures. I WAS eating an apple, I am probably drinking another cup of coffee right now or thinking about eating an apple. Maybe I didnt have one today...that happens. JONAGOLD is all there needs to be said about apples. If you have no idea, just buy and bite and thank me later. I ship fast as lightning which means I ship REALLY fast, this does not mean that I am accompanied by loud rumbling, cracking noises (although this happens sometimes). If you want your item sent slower and cheaper, let me know...snail-lover. You can email questions by clicking here. Or you can try to send me a question telepathically. This might work, but getting your answer is the problem. If you purchase multiple items, I will bake you cookies. Well, not really, BUT I will combine shipping to give you the best deal. (I might actually bake cookies, but those would be for me and my giggly friends). So now, I have almost mastered apple crisp and am on my way towards mastering chili....like you care....you should! (no you shouldn't). Tell me what you want, I will find it...eventually. Thanks for looking! Be sure to check my other auctions, I generally try to list new items a few days a week, so check back often and add me to your favorite sellers if you like good stuff...I have good STUFF. Use your instant messenger to contact me, "SEEKER DESTROYER" The League of Supersellers XANNABOTX (custom DIY for you crazy kids) KATIEDESIGNS (my mom...mosaic tiles) BANJOPHD (my dad...safety razors and more) "Don't let this photo fool you, I sleep about 19 hours a day," Affordable Auction Management and Image Hosting Solutions @ inkFrog i000000 Analyzing "Smart Counters" only @ inkFrog.com